A very Good Girl,

who stopped being nice

and turned into a REBEL...

Growing up, I was conditioned to be a Good Girl... quiet, not asking for much, and always put others first. I abandoned myself in order to feel loved and accepted as a Good Girl.

As The Good Girl, I abused my body with neglect and denial, ignoring my own need for nurturing.

I lived anxious and hyper-vigilant, burying my emotions, hiding how I felt. I said yes to everyone but myself, chronically over gave, and absorbed problems that weren't mine to fix. I sought acceptance at any cost, silenced my voice, ignored my misery and smiled through all of it, as a Good Girl should.

I never felt "Good", worthy or enough. I saw myself as a broken, a victim soul, whose only lot in life was to suffer and serve in silence.

Until I woke the fuck up.

To un-become the Good Girl I made myself into, I needed to become what I was not. I was angry, I was brave, and I dismantled everything I was taught. I became The Rebel, and learned to love myself exactly as I was.

I stepped into my season of selfishness by focusing on my own needs first, and cherishing all of myself as worthy, lovable and enough, exactly as I am without exception or condition.

I am a wife, mother, bird and dog mom. I love adventures, exploration, ruckus and laughter. Flowers, tattoos, Harry Potter and being barefoot bring me joy. I believe that love conquers all and has the power to heal the world. I already love you already, just as you are.

Expertise includes

  • Certified Holistic Health Coach

  • Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach

  • Sacred Depths Coaching Practitioner

  • 10+ in the Holistic Wellness Field

  • Trauma Informed

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The Love


TLC is a path to JOY and Self-Fulfillment, through Authenticity, Self Relationship and Radical Self Love.



100% tailored to your individualized self discovery journey, creating change and growth at your desired pace, in a private and gentle container.



Group Cohorts,

intimate in size and experience. Drawing on the wisdom and energetics of community, healing as a collective.

Self Paced Learning

Gentle self discovery through topical instruction courses designed as self directed, to suit your pace and schedule. Videos and printable materials to keep.

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